• Care Tips for Crafts Made of Copper and Brass
  • Care Tips for Crafts Made of Copper and Brass
  • Care Tips for Crafts Made of Copper and Brass

Care Tips for Crafts Made of Copper and Brass

This article is about how to care copper and brass craft according to the color and type of finishing. As you know, we use a standard production finishing with a quality coating technique on every product that we produce. There are two types of coatings that we usually use; clear, shiny(polish) and matte.

Copper with any finishing, including glossy (polish) has no need of care. Basically our  craft copper production is maintenance-free, unless the products are requested not to added the coating finishing. Finishing clear coating is used to keep the colors are not easily changed and more weather resistant, so that the copper craft are suitable for use outdoors and indoors.

Copper, brass or aluminum handicraft  that has been in finishing can keep the color even if used as a place of water (fountains, bathtub, bowl, keg, jars, sink) or used with detergent. Even the beauty of a copper color is maintained even though the product is in place outdoors where it will always be exposed to heat and rain (statues, dome mosques and fountains), because we use high-quality coatings finishing.

The main protection that must be done is to avoid salt water and acid. Because of the chemical elements attached to the coating in a high intensity and continuous, it will damage the coating layer and then change the color of the metal, either copper or brass which will usually change color to green antique (Green Patina). Of course this does not only apply to copper/brass, but also against all kinds of metals, wood and plastic.

However, oxidized copper and brass is actually able to provide added value, because it gives the impression of an antique looks. Copper and brass will not be damaged and destroyed, but will further raise the value of the art products, this is the advantage of using copper and brass that we offer with the high quality of the coating finishing.

If the products do not use the high quality coating finishing, it can be clean by using Lansol (green stone) or Brasso, then rub and wipe gently until shine again. But if it is already finished in clear coating then clean it only with soft and wipe dry.


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