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  • Indonesia Presidential Palace at Bogor
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Indonesia Presidential Palace at Bogor

Bogor Presidential Palace is located in Paledang, Sub District of Central Bogor Istana Kepresidenan BogorCity, Bogor, East Java. It is approximately 60 km from Jakarta or 43 km from Cipanas. The palace is situated on 28.86 acres level land. 290 meters above sea level, the palace is in a city blessed with mild climate, a cool city where people come to refresh themselves. The palace is blessed with beautiful and cozy natural surrounding. The garden of the palace is trimmed nicely it serves as a giant green carpet encircling the palace. All you can see is fresh green grasses shaded by 346 types of trees. 591 deers live around the garden, running here and there; and the ponds accentuated by lotuses and fountains enhance its beauty. 

The history of Bogor Presidential Palace can be tracked down from the time when a Dutch Governor General was in a search of a resting house and managed to find a villa (10 August 1744) called Buitenzorg (free from problems). He himself redesigned and rebuilt the place (1745 – 1750), imitating the architecture of Bleinhem Palace, the residence of Duke Malborough, located near Oxford, England. 

A natural disaster struck on 10 October 1834. An earthquake brought a great destruction to the palace. When Governor General Albertus Yacob Duijmayer Van Twist ruled (1851 – 1856), the ruin of the old building was torn down and then it was rebuilt, using the IX Century European architecture. In 1870, the Buitenzorg was announced as the official residence of Dutch Governor Generals. The last resident of the Buitenzorg Palace was Governor General Tjarda van Starkenborg Stachhourwer, who was forced to submit the palace to General Imamura from the Japan colonizers. However, not less than 44 Governor Generals lived in the palace. After the independence, the Indonesian Government took over the palace (1950). 

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